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Creta (Terracotta Diffuser)

Creta (Terracotta Diffuser)

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20 x 11 cm

100% natural terracotta diffuser, created in collaboration with designer Federica Bubani.

Fresh, simple, intuitive design. CRETA was designed and created in Italy, with a "zero-mile" cycle that reduces CO2 emissions.
To be used with NOTA³ (product to be purchased separately).
Natural and delicate aromatherapy, with progressive emission.

SUPPORT BASSE separated from the pyramidal body but designed in continuity with the ogival body, perfecting and completing the design thanks to glazing, it protects other surfaces from contact with the product.
OGIVAL BODY thanks to the special pleased texture, the surface that releases the fragrance is even greater, allowing an intense and prolonged release.
NECK in which to pour the product.
A BEAUTIFUL CLOSURE that prolongs the time of fragrance is released, preventing it from evaporating.
IMBUTO Glass funnel to pour the product from the bottle to CRETA.



1. At first use, pour 100 ml of NOTA³ (product to be purchased separately)
2. In following uses, pour 50 ml

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You may need a dispenser/pump!

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