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Oway Technical Products - Hsystem


The world of Oway technical products represents the perfect synthesis of all its diversified values.  It's formulations offer the skin and hair unique Agricosmetic benefits, enveloping fragrances and feelings, perfect coverage performance and long-lasting technical benefits. 

Oway Technical Products


The first nourishing ammonia-free colouring system actived with a butter developer based on Illipé butter. Hcolor revolutionises salon colour treatments. The colour becomes a moment for a perfumed and pleasant relaxing pause, which is good for the hair fiber while transforming your look. 


Beautifying colour nectar without ammonia, paraphenylenediamine, resorcinol, mineral oil, alcohol and perfume. From nectar, the purest ingredient in nature to the purest colour infusion in the salon. An extremely delicate and highly tolerable formula for both hair and skin that minimises sensitisation risks.


Colouring, brightening and revitalising concentrate with ethical phyto-pigments. Born from a series of alchemical natural processes to reveal your exact shade of colour.


The first ammonia free bleaching cream butter based on Kukui Butter and enriched witih a sinergy of three precious oils. Hbleach butter cream is not just a lightener, but also a treatment that infuses softness. Who said all bleaching products are aggresive? No ammonia, no stress, no damage.

Hcatalyst & Htone

Nourishing liquid butter developer for ammonia free colouring and bleaching. Not just oxidant activators, but real creators of beauty.


A complete system that accompanies your colour treatment in the phases of preparation, application and post-colouring. The Hsystem line formulas develop extraordinay synergies with Hcolor, Hnectar, Hmelt and Hbleach offering advances methods that allow working with a lower PH, stressing the cuticle less. 

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