We're transitioning to Aluminium lids!

We're transitioning to Aluminium lids!


Have you noticed the switch to Aluminium lids?
This is another step forward in removing plastic from OWAY's packaging. 

Why Aluminium? 
Aluminium is elegant, natural, extremely protective and corrosion-resistant.
But most importantly Aluminium can be recycled an infinite amount of times.
Plastic can only be recycled up to three times.

This is a huge step forward in reducing waste!

Cool! But what if I like to use a pump?
As we are still transitioning some products are coming with pumps and others are not.
If you're already an Oway customer, we encourage you to reuse the pumps you already have.
Alternatively, you can purchase a pump here. They cost just $1.95 and you can reuse it forever!

Less pumps = Less plastic waste = A win for the planet 🌏

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